03.17.14Press Highlights for "A Trumpet in the Morning"

“..an amiable, approachable bustle. Moment to moment, it courts your comprehension." – The New York Times

“One hates to abuse the word masterpiece but surely A Trumpet in the Morning will go down as a major statement from veteran reed player Marty Ehrlich. The leader serves as conductor-he plays on only one track-and marshals a sound of extraordinary power and beauty." – Stereophile

“It’s one of the most lustrous pairings of music and text I know of offhand, and everything else here is equally stirring." – NPR, Best of 2013

“Ehrlich presides over a magnificent gathering of musicians in bracing, original, orchestral scores that urgently embrace jazz, classical, blues, poetry and other forms of expression."
- Chicago Tribune Best jazz recordings of 2013

“A unique and long anticipated item in his discography, A Trumpet in the Morning documents some of Ehrlich’s most captivating but complex writing. Despite his absence as a soloist, Ehrlich’s soulful lyricism is heard to great effect in the stellar performances of these multihued works, which are among the most compelling of his generation." – Point of Departure

“This densely rich album, which is chock-full of interesting ideas, yields rewards with repeated spins." – DownBeat, Editor’s Pick

“Some of the sounds that surface are hip and grooving, other parts of the piece have a chamber-like sensibility, and some of the music falls squarely under the category of avant-garde; all of it, regardless of classification, speaks to the soul of its creator." – All About Jazz

10.10.13A Trumpet in the Morning released on November 12th, 2013

New World Records proudly announces the release of A Trumpet in the Morning, the new recording from saxophonist/composer Marty Ehrlich, and the first documentation devoted to the stalwart NYC artist's large ensemble compositions. A Trumpet in the Morning (named for a poem by Arthur Brown, 1948-1982) is a tour-de-force, showcasing the best of Ehrlich's many metieres that have marked his success as an instrumentalist, composer and bandleader for more than three decades. Strong melodic invention prevails alongside a keen ear for instrumental color, a multi-genre, multi-disciplinary approach, and, "an unblinking yet ultimately affirmative insistence on connecting his music with realities both historic and contemporary", said noted writer Bob Blumenthal (from the album's liner notes).

11.04.10Ray Anderson/Marty Ehrlich record "Hear You Say" Released on November 9

Marty's latest CD for Intuition Records is a collaboration with Ray Anderson and also features Brad Jones on bass and Matt Wilson on drums. Recorded live at The Willisau Jazz Festival in 2009.

08.10.10New Tzadik Record Released on August 24

Acclaimed saxophonist and clarinetist Marty Ehrlich celebrates his new release Fables, his second recording for the Radical Jewish Culture series on John Zorn’s Tzadik label.

Ehrlich is joined by renown Jewish klezmer musician and scholar and founder of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Hankus Netsky along with guest artists Marcus Rojas on tuba and Jerome Harris on acoustic bass guitar. Friends for decades, Ehrlich and Netsky join forces for the first time in a fabulous program of compositions by Marty Ehrlich that meets in the nexus of the jazz and the Jewish tradition.

“Exciting, touching and soulful, Fables is a real tour de force." - John Zorn

Ehrlich says: “The concept of this recording came to fruition with the composition of the three pieces entitled Scroll. They were the last music I wrote, and they share an image and a function. The image is that of the moment in the synagogue service where the Torah is opened, its parchment now in the light and air, and then when it is tightly closed, the text rolled further on into the life of the telling. The function is that of a musical procession, moving into and away from the diverse “fables" that are the other pieces."

09.08.07New Palmetto Release SPARK!

Celebrating their Palmetto release, "Spark!", Marty Ehrlich (saxophone and clarinet) and Myra Melford (piano) reunite to create a sublime duo recording. "Spark!" features compositions by Ehrlich, Melford, Andrew Hill and Robin Holcomb.

They will be touring to support this album in September, October and January in the United States and March 2008 in Europe. See the itinerary section for more details.

09.08.07Review of SPARK! in Midwest Record Recap

For those of you who love hanging out on the corner of art & jazz, these two
formidable hitters join forces again for a forward thinking new jazz date
that breaks ground in a lot of directions. Springing a subversive spiritual
element to their new jazz, this duo play off each other's textures and
talents in such a way that you don't mind being thought of as an art lover.
With Ehrlich's multi-wind instrument attack and Melford piano, each weaving
around the other, the effect is a mind blowing stunner that can't help but
take over wide open ears looking for music with bite. Hot stuff from pros
that know how to get it right.